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How to Transfer Data from Google Pixel 4 (XL) to PC

It's Google's turn to take the phone spotlight. The Google Pixel 4(XL) and the Pixel 4 XL are undoubtedly among the best smartphones at the moment. There's no denying the Pixel 4 XL has one of the best cameras around, but its shortcomings don't justify its high price. Instead, consider the Note 10 or the OnePlus 7T. And you may wonder how to add more safeguard for the data on your Google Pixel 4(XL). Yes, that is to export them as one more backup to your PC. In some cases, it is unpredictable that we lose or break our phone and another backup on your PC can help to retrieve the data. Even though you switch a new phone, the old data never has been gone.

So this tutorial is dedicated to show you how to completely transfer data from Google Pixel 4(XL) to PC. Meanwhile, way is offered to retrieve the backup from PC to your Google Pixel 4(XL). You would never worry about any data loss in the future.

transfer data from google pixel 4 to pc

Part 1. Transfer data from Pixel 4 (XL) to PC

titleSelectively Transfer: Manage your data before you do export.

The first part is to export the data to PC and there are 2 ways to fix it out. To export your Google Pixel 4 (XL) data to PC smoothly, you need to check for a couple of things in order first. You need to have one program called Syncios Manager and your Pixel USB cable if you are not in a wireless internet zone. This is a method allowing you to reorganize your data before transferring data to PC, which means that you can edit, delete or de-duplicate data and files then transfer. You can finally keep those are really useful to you.

Step 1 Get a Syncios Manager on your PC and then connect your Pixel 4(XL) to PC. You should unlock the phone to enable the debugging mode and install Syncios.Apk. Google Pixel 4(XL) prompts you to do this when you first set up the phone. This step is necessarily for Syncios to read your data.

Win Version

Step 2 Head to the left panel of Syncios Manager, click on the main files that you want to manage. In this case, we decide to transfer the SMS (Messages) to PC. You can also choose other items to transfer including Music, Videos, Photos, Contacts and more.

Step 3 Enter into the SMS management where you can view all the conversations from the sender and recipient. If you want to remove one specific conversation, you can kick on the box in front of the messager and then tag Delete button. For Contacts management, you can also kick on De-duplicate to remove the duplicate contacts in your address book.

selectively transfer data to pc

Note To transfer the messages to your PC, you start to selectively choose your desired messages and then kick on Backup button. It should pop out a window instructing you to create the path for the messages backup, just create one and start to sync them to PC. Finally ensure the process went smoothly, you can check the messages on your PC at any time.

selectively transfer-data from google pixel 4 to pc

titleOne-Click Transfer: Transfer all data on Pixel 4 (XL) to PC

Alternatively, you can also have a more straightforward way to transfer data to PC with all the contents. Or, you are more intended to transfer all data on Pixel 4 (XL) to PC, you can use Syncios Data Transfer to seamlessly do that job.

Step 1 Install the latest version of Syncios Data Transfr on your PC or Mac. Links are provided below and then start to run it.

Win Version
Mac Version

Step 2 This one obviously offers multiple functionalities. Three features on Syncios Data Transfer are Tranfer, Restore and Backup. Run Syncios into the Backup module. Connect your Pixel 4 (XL) to the program. There are few reasons why Syncios disconnect Pixel 4 (XL), take a look at our detailed checklist to sort it out.

transfer pixel 4 to pc

Step 3 You are required to customize the path for the data. So you can create a folder named Backups of Pixel 4 (XL) to an easy-to-find location on your computer in advance.

Step 4 Next to the step is to select the contents to transfer to PC. You can select all the transferrable contents to PC by one Select All button. Contents supported to transfer include contacts, messages, call logs, music, photos, videos and more. And then kick on Next button to the transfer process. Remember, you have to keep phone unlock. Also, do not run your phone when transferring data.

transfer pixel 4 to pc

Part 2. Recover data from PC to Pixel 4 (Restore)

Now you have safely transferred your data on Google Pixel 4(XL) to PC. You can accordingly to review your data on PC by downloading some apps that are compatible with file formats. And when you want to recover the data on PC to your original phone or a new phone, this can be as well easy to achieve in a Restore process. As you now know how Syncios Data Transfer works, you should notice that Restore feature is offered. Now let’s look at how the Restore feature in Syncios Data Transfer performs.

Win Version
Mac Version

Step 1 Run Syncios Data Transfer, switch to Restore Mode, connect your targeted phone to program. If you actually want to transfer the data from PC to your Google Pixel 4(XL) , then plug it to PC with cable.

Step 2 Click on Syncios Backup and navigate to the path on PC where you backed up the data in previous part and then kick on Ok. Under Restore mode, 4 backups options are supported to recover to your device. It means that you can simply transfer data from the Syncios Backup (Backup in PC), iCloud backup, iTunes backup or iTunes Library to Google Pixel 4(XL).

transfer data from pc to pixel 4

Step 3 Next to select certain items you need to recover to your Google Pixel 4(XL). In the contents list, kick on the items you want and then hit Next to start a recovery. When all done, you’ll see the files in your Google Pixel 4(XL).

transfer data from pc to pixel 4

recommendation Quick summary: For Google Pixel 4 (XL) to save more internal memory, you should transfer your data to PC for another backup. With Syncios Manager , you can transfer certain contents to PC at will. With Syncios Data Transfer, you can wisely transfer all the data to PC. Navigating to the Restore mode, you then are easy to recover the data and files to Google Pixel 4 (XL). All in all, pick up the best method for you, save more space for Google Pixel 4(XL) and gain more protection on data.

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